How to name a new company

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Naming a company – what to consider…

We are often asked by clients “what should I name my company?”, “does my company name matter?”, “what are good company names?”, “how do I come up with a catchy business name?”, “should I call my company my name?”

From the perspective of branding, a company name is a very important starting point; it’s often the very first contact that a customer will have, even before they ever see your logo. People may talk about your company and word-of-mouth is a free and effective form of marketing… But they also need to be able to easily remember the company’s name in order to speak about it.

Get the name right
– and your company begins marketing itself.

[It’s no secret that we are called Brand Spanking because we really enjoy what we do and want you to enjoy it too! We’re confident, we’re fun, we’re creative and we’re not scared to turn heads. We also provide impactful branding. Our company name speaks to people who aren’t afraid to take a risk and who have a sense of humour.]

Can a customer get a clear understanding, or even just a good sense of the services you offer and how you offer them? – the company’s personality… This is the starting point for the company naming brainstorm:

  • What does your company do?
  • Who is your target market? – What do they like and what do they identify with? What will they understand?
  • What is your company’s personality? – eg. Modern / classical / ostentatious / friendly / playful / corporate / serious / boutique.

Some important things to consider:

  • What does the name sound like when said out loud? – make sure you say it loud a lot and that it doesn’t sound confusing and is not difficult to say.
  • Is the company name easy for somebody to understand when said and easy to remember?
  • Try to choose a name that says what you do, or what is unique about you.
  • Choose a name that you don’t have to spell every time you say it – people will never find your website, and you’ll get tired of spelling it every time.
  • Beware initials¬† – these can leave people feeling rather cold.
  • If you plan to go big – make sure you can trademark the name. – check it on (for example)
  • Check the name on Google and Adwords to make sure that a similar name isn’t making a lot of noise and attention.
  • Name check for buying a .com – although there are many new extensions available, .com still rules and is the simplest and most intuitive web address. You can get creative with your company name and add a little bit to it to find a unique .com(eg. brandspanking added ‘London’ to the .com as the original was taken.) – be warned though, most .coms are taken so it can take a lot of time to find ‘the one’. Try this link to research
  • Finally, turn to your friends and community. It’s worth doing the market research to gauge a general consensus and opinion towards a name. Negative feedback can be irritating, but better to get it before you go live and invest in a domain name, stationery and marketing.

As ever, enjoy this creative part of the branding journey.

Need some help or inspiration? –¬† please get in touch with our Brand Spanking team. We’d love to help.